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Leverage the power of NetSuite in real time, with advanced sales reporting, inventory management, and CRM integration.

The ONLY Point of Sale with "Built For Net Suite" certification, globally. 

ZOKU offers a multiplatform POS that works on your existing hardware, including peripherals such as receipt printers, barcode scanners and scales.

The POS comes with a modern user interface that also works on state-of-the art mobile checkout devices. It allows you to achieve a very attractive TCO without any of the upfront investments associated with all-in-one solutions that result in fragmented operations.

ZOKU POS takes full advantage of the power of NetSuite ERP to drive your operations without unnecessary middleware.



Omnichannel POS

Learn more about the features and benefits of ZOKU POS which is a software designed from the outset to be omnichannel with seamless integration to NetSuite.



Recording Sales

  • Sync all items to POS (offline capability)
  • Barcode scanning with any scanner
  • Search items by ID or name
  • Automatic promo/discount application
  • Manual discount application, per-user limit and submission control
  • Line-by-line sales commission
  • Process returns and exchanges along with sales in a single invoice
  • Graphic receipt printing—any font, any size, images and symbols
  • Configurable Sales Tax Rate calculation

Payment Management

  • Unlimited split payments per sale
  • Support for unlimited number of custom payment methods available
  • Configurable rounding and fixed-value options for each method
  • Integration with payment devices
  • Direct-to-NetSuite reconciliation for shift payments (shift close), for any start/end time

Managing Customers & Loyalty

  • Link customers to sales by adding them to NetSuite CRM instantly
  • Full support for loyalty points accrual and redemption for any sale to registered customers
  • Configurable exclusions and loyalty promotions for items and payment methods
  • Instant insights into customer loyalty through NetSuite reporting
  • Process returns and refunds from purchases made at other locations or online.



  • Retrieve any item record, even after sales discontinuation
  • Retrieve any historic sale made at any point from any sales channel - any store, online
  • Retrieve customer information with any part of a name, phone number, or customer/ national ID


Managing Inventory

  • Real-time inventory control with direct posting sales, returns, and transfers
  • Inventory level lookup for all items and locations in a single screen
  • Accept Purchase Orders and Transfer Orders in the POS interface or the Zoku Mobile app
  • Receive items in a 2-step process 3-way matching facility with a simple wizard interface
  • Scan documents direct-to-NetSuite
  • Generate Transfer Orders from POS store to another location
  • Generate Vendor Returns from POS store to any vendor in NetSuite

Connecting to Other Channels and Internal & External Services

  • Fulfillment options for every sale
  • Single customer profile across POS and online sales
  • Connect to virtually any service via the API Layer: 3PL, Delivery Services, Payment Processors, etc
In ZOKU’s architecture, ZOKU’s intelligent client runs on the POS device, ZOKU Sync, a cloud based integration layer integrates the POS client in real time with NetSuite, consumer channels and essentially any service such as Marketplaces, 3PLs, Delivery Services and Payment Processors.


Unlike “cloud only” and “no database” solutions which only work when connected to the internet, with their performance depending on the quality of the network and processing speed of the back end, ZOKU works at lightning speed and can process very high transaction volumes, on and offline.




streamlineStreamline your business Operations

Streamline your operations with sales transactions that post directly into NetSuite, for any of your existing subsidiaries, classes, and departments. 

superiro_cxSuperior Cx

Get to know your customer base even better, as the ZOKU POS for NetSuite supports advanced Loyalty points, cash backs, coupons and promos.

superiro_cxZOKU Pay

ZOKU POS can be integrated with payment terminals globally, with the support of a local partner, integrator or in house developer.

b2b_featuresTrue Omnichannel - By design

ZOKU POS is natively and by design integrated with all other consumer channels, back office operations, and is also designed to integrate with any internal or external service.

Contact us and let´s talk about your business.

Learn how with ZOKU POS everything from your inventory to your sales orders and customers are connected under the centralized system: NetSuite.