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IN Tekiio we are dedicated to implement Oracle NETSUITE.

Tekiio is a new brand, which was born from the union of the best three Oracle NetSuite partners in Latin America - 3ksys, Efficientix and Keep it Simple -, with the aim to enrich  our services portfolio and extending our presence in all United States and six Latin American countries.

With this union, we not only seek to be the best Oracle NetSuite partner in America, but also to share experience, knowledge and best practices.


Tekiio PLANEACION 2020



We are hungry for victory, maximum performance is our goal. Overcome obstacles, we surpassed limits and never stop striving.


Is our cornerstone. It determines how we act as an organization. We are aware that this creates a powerful bond oftrust with others which allows us to achieve our purposes.


The customer is our reason for being, we know that every interaction matters. Care and respect for him is our highest priority.



We create innovative solutions and establish the
future. We challenge the status quo by working
outside of our comfort zone and taking
advantage of our people innovative energy.


We understand the power of cooperation and facilitate teamwork as a vehicle to achieve mutual benefits and prosperity of all stakeholders.



We are the consulting team with more experience in Oracle NetSuite

Aberto Carrizo

Alberto Carrizo


With more than 30 years of experience implementing and providing ERP services for multinational companies throughout LATAM, in 2005 he founded 3KSYS. A company with which he developed and implemented NetSuite into the markets of Argentina and Uruguay; subsequently, taking these services to all of America and several countries in Europe.His passion, professionalism and continuous improvement have been the driving force that has allowed him to transcend and be recognized for the quality of his services provided by the 3KSYS team


Christian Salas


After working at SAP and Oracle, in 2010 he started Efficientix with the intention to implement the Oracle NETSUITE technology in small and medium-sized companies in Mexico. He is an entrepreneur passionate about innovation where his greatest satisfaction is witnessing the growth of his team and his clients.

Freddy Roa

Freddy Roa


He is an entrepreneur since the day he was born !!With more than 20 years of practice and knowledge, Freddy has actively participated in technology teams and organizations of diverse industries and sizes, Passionate about the service and transformation of clients, colleagues, associates, and collaborators, long-term relationships will always be his greatest motivation.

Jorge Restrepo Sales Director

Jorge Restrepo


With over 30 years experience in the IT sector and after occupying various management positions in companies such as IBM, SAP and Oracle, he decides to join as a partner of Efficientix, leading the commercial area. His vocation is customer service and the sale of technology projects.

Javier Ossio Director of Operations

Javier Ossio


Expert in ERP implementations since 2006 as a consultant at Neoris and Deloitte providing services to companies of different types and sizes. CIO of a business group of private equity. He joined in 2018 as a partner of Efficientix to take the leadership of the Consulting area. He is a consultant totally oriented to give value to the client and the delivery of projects on time and with the highest quality.

Elena Alonso Strategic Planning

Elena Alonso


Being one of the pioneers in Efficientix, she has had the opportunity to meet and collaborate in all areas of the company, from administration and finance to consulting, which gives her the experience to be a key person in project management for Oracle NetSuite.

Ana Lujan Marketing Director

Ana Luján


Her profile includes more than 20 years of professional experience satisfying the needs for technological solutions of companies in different market segments and industries in Mexico. She has always enjoyed having satisfied customers, helping his companies succeed through IT solutions, and establishing long-term business relationships.

Luisa F. Alegria

Luisa F. Alegría


Co-founder and Commercial Director of the Colombian Multinational company Keep It Simple. A Systems Engineer specialized in strategic direction and management of technology projects, an expert strategist in innovation processes with more than 20 years of knowledge in the field of design, planning, and appropriation of new technologies for all types of companies at a worldwide level.

Jhon Frazier Moreno

Jhon Frazier Moreno


A leading expert in the formation of development teams, with more than 20 years of experience in the area of data migration in different industries, has specialized knowledge in development platforms, in extension to exceptional experience in database management and implementation of websites, as well as content administrators and custom applications.

Jhon Vargas Zuluaga

Jhon Vargas Zuluaga


He is a natural leader! An Engineer specialized in technology adoption and implementation for more than 20 years, his experience in project management has led him to actively participate in different market sectors such as; telecommunications, mobility, retail, marketing, banking, and air transport, currently, president and member of the board of directors of the Colombian multinational company Keep It Simple.



Provide our clients with high quality technological solutions working as a team, contributing with knowledge, experience and professionalism.



To be the best global business partner in the implementation of technological solutions, recognized for quality, innovation, passion and responsibility towards our clients, partners and collaborators.