Start selling through various means enjoying a central system that controls sales and inventory

Grow while you control your business with the most modern, complete, integrated and flexible application, completely in the cloud.

With Oracle NetSuite build your retail company taking advantage of all the sales channels available for your business, making inventory management, deliveries and administration simpler than ever.

No matter if you sold something in the physical store, inventory will see it reflected in all media and in all its branches.

A centralized system being a cloud-based, all information changes and is reflected in real time, making the common mistakes of other media disappear.

It can provide better service to the customer having the same information reflected in all its branches.

Multilocal, multicurrency, multi-tenant - simply cloud solution (compatible with PC and Mac) that fits your needs and allows you to sell more.

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The retail companies must be agile in a highly competitive environment and offer almost constant innovation in their businesses to keep up with customer expectations. Read more



  • Possibility of accessing customer data from anywhere
  • Give personalized follow-up of each of the users until they complete their purchase
  • You can accurately calculate materials
    what will you need in the purchase orders
  • Upgrade to decision making based on customer data and business processes.

Point of Sale

Provide a superior experience in the store with a modern point of sale that allows omnichannel satisfy and retain customers.


Offer a consistent and personalized digital experience for customers on any device.


Get a unique view of each customer in all channels and points of contact.


Let customers buy from anywhere, receive anywhere and return anywhere..


Get a comprehensive view of their financial activities with a powerful financial management system for retail.


Manage efficiently stocks and its supplier network to better meet the demands of today's consumers.



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