About us

In tekiio we are dedicated to assist companies in the process of digital transformation for a successful business management by developing, implementing and supporting Oracle NetSuite.


We are in constant expansion

Since 2008 we are official Oracle NetSuite partners for Latam, USA and Iberia. We have more than 200 customers in America, Europe and Oceania, and we have sales offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, United States of America and Uruguay.



Our commitment

As strategic allies, our mission is to provide technological solutions through quality service, with the purpose of maximizing the financial productivity of our clients. We have a highly committed and empowered team. This commitment is valued by our clients, making us the strategic partner in Latin America with the best retention rate.



Satisfied customers


Retention rate



Cloud Culture

Our values are the foundation of tekiio's services.
They guide the way we work with our customers, partners and with each other. They frame our actions in order to build trusting relationships and, as a high-performance team, solve important problems.



We are passionate about technology and enjoy what we do to the fullest. The enthusiasm we put into what we do drives us to take action and transform the world, to make things happen.



As collaborative teams we build bonds by relating to others in the way we like others to relate to us. We believe that trust is built and value is maximized through this premise. 



We encourage career development and continuously nurture our talented teams to develop the skills we manage all our day-to-day activities with quality and commitment.



At tekiio, every talent is a crucial component that drives progress. We thrive by embracing a diverse range of perspectives, people, profiles and ideas. Together, we function as a cohesive team and, with each other, we can achieve even greater results.



Embracing our commitment to fulfilling both individual and global objectives strengthens our team's unity and empowers us to make collective commitments towards a shared purpose.


Continuous improvement

We are constantly reviewing our methods to yield more efficient results, engaging in continuous analysis of lessons learned and making necessary adjustments to enhance our performance. Our unwavering passion for growth and progress drives us to improve ourselves each day.

Since 2008 together with Oracle NetSuite, more than 200 customers around the world recommend us for our commitment and quality satisfaction.

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How can we help?

Request commercial assistance from an executive and learn about our proposals tailor-made to meet your organization's needs.