Accelerate the growth of your store and digital channels as well as your logistics and back office operations with the ZOKU omnichannel Point of Sale for Oracle NetSuite.


Harness the power of NetSuite in real-time with advanced sales reporting, inventory management, and CRM integration.

The unique selling point globally accredited with "Built For NetSuite" certification.


ZOKU offers a multiplatform POS that works on your existing hardware, including peripherals such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, and scales.

The POS comes with a modern user interface that also works on state-of-the-art mobile devices. It enables our customers to achieve a very attractive TCO without any of the upfront investments associated with all-in-one solutions that result in fragmented operations.

ZOKU POS takes full advantage of the power of NetSuite to drive your operations without unnecessary middleware.



  • Streamline operations with sales transactions that are recognized directly in Oracle NetSuite for any of its subsidiaries, classes or departments.
  • Let you know your customers better through advanced loyalty program, immediate cash, coupons and promotions.
  • Integrates with any payment terminal worldwide, with local support from your provider.
  • It was designed from its inception to integrate with all sales channels available to the customer, back office operations, as well as any internal or external service.

Tekiio POS NetSuite

To learn more about Zoku’s point of sale, download this brochure describing the features, functionality, and benefits of this software designed from its inception to be an Omnichannel and achieve seamless integration with Oracle NetSuite.
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Sales Registration

  • Synchronization of all items to the point of sale (capacity when discounted from the internet).
  • Scan any barcode scanner.
  • Search for items by identifier or name.
  • Automatic application of promotions and discounts.
  • Manual application of discounts, you applying as a limit per user controls and individual requests.
  • Calculation of sales commissions per item.
  • Generating returns and exchanges on the same bill of sale.
  • Graphic purchase receipt printing - any typeface, size, image or symbol.
  • Configurable sales tax rate calculation.

Customer Management and Loyalty

  • Link customers to sales by adding them in Oracle NetSuite CRM instantly.
  • Full support for the accumulation and exchange of loyalty points on any sale to registered customers.
  • Configurable exclusions and loyalty promotions for items and payment methods.
  • Snapshot of customer loyalty through online reports in Oracle NetSuite CRM.
  • Returns Processing purchases made in other locations or online.

Inventory management

  • Inventory control in real time with direct postings sales, returns and transfers.
  • Search for inventory levels for all items and locations on the same screen.
  • Approval of purchase orders and transfer orders at the interface of the POS or mobile application Zoku.
  • Process for articles in 2 steps.
  • Scan documents directly to Oracle NetSuite.
  • Generation of transfer orders Store (POS) to another location.
  • Generation of returns to store providers (POS) to any provider registered in Oracle NetSuite.

Payment Management

  • No limit payments to subdivide sale.
  • Support for an unlimited number of available payment methods.
  • Configurable rounding options and fixed value for each method.
  • Integration with payment devices.
  • Reconciliation in Oracle NetSuite for direct payments for any time shift start and end.


  • Recovery of any record, even when sales were discontinued.
  • Retrieval of any historical sale from any sales channel.
  • Retrieving information from the customer with any segment of the name, phone number or identification of the client (RFC) .

Connecting to other channels and services

  • Delivery options for any sale.
  • A single customer profile in all online sales or point of sale.
  • Virtual connection to any service through APIs, such as delivery services, payment processors, etc.

In the architecture of the POS, intelligent Zoku client running on a device the point of sale. ZOKU Sync is a cloud-based integration layer that integrates the point of sale in real time with Oracle NetSuite, consumer channels and essentially any other service such as delivery services and payment processors.

Unlike the "only cloud" or "database" that operate only connected to the internet and its performance depends on network capacity and processing time on the back end solutions, Zoku POS operates at a very high speed And can process a high volume of transactions connected or disconnected from the network.