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Adapt Oracle NETSUITE for your company


Oracle NetSuite is the most complete solution in the cloud for your business. It helps drive innovation and digital transformation for growing companies, large, medium, or small. Its industry-specific functionality covers a wide range of options, which allow you to make the best use of resources and optimize the benefits. Oracle NetSuite helps organizations streamline all operations, gain real-time visibility, and make more informed decisions.


Oracle NetSuite has most of the features that most businesses need and there are additional advanced features that allow meeting very specific needs of certain industries which are not usually required by all companies. With advanced modules of Oracle NetSuite, you can optimize your business with a single tool throughout the organization.

Oracle NetSuite advanced modules are:

Advanced modules for inventory and manufacturing

  • Advanced Inventories (Inventory Management Cloud Service)
  • Demand Planning Cloud Service
  • Advanced Procurement (Procurement Cloud Service)
  • Warehouse management (WMS Cloud Service)
  • Production Orders and Assemblies (Work Orders and Assemblies Cloud Service)
  • Production routes and work in process (Manufacturing WIP and Routings Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for comercial management

  • Advanced order management (Advanced Order Management Cloud Service)
  • Order management (Grid Order Management Cloud Service)
  • Incentives and compensation (Incentive Compensation Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for project management

  • Project Management (Project Management Cloud Service)
  • Resource allocation (Resource Allocation Cloud Service)
  • Cost of work (Job Costing Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for software management

  • Software Management (Software Management Cloud Service)
  • Contracts and renewals (Contract Renewals Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for financial management

  • Multiple Subsidiary Management (OneWorld Cloud Service)
  • Fixed Assets (Fixed Asset Management Cloud Service)
  • Advanced Finance (Financial Management Cloud Service)
  • Multiple Accounting Books (Multi-Book Accounting Cloud Service)
  • Advanced Revenue Management (Revenue Management Cloud Service)
  • Planning and budget (Planning and Budgeting Starter Cloud Service)
  • Advanced Billing (SuiteBilling Cloud Service)
  • Collection Letters (Dunning Letters Cloud Service)
  • Electronic payments in banks (Advanced Electronic Bank Payments Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for connections with third

  • Connector for data extraction (SuiteAnalytics Connect Cloud Service)

Advanced modules for Payroll

  • Payroll Automation in the Cloud
  • Taxes and Forms
  • APA Certified Support
  • SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople Payroll

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How to select the appropriate modules?

To get the most out of Oracle NetSuite, it is very important that you select the correct modules to include in your plan. There are several things you need to do to select the correct modules.

First, you need to consider your industry. Depending on your industry, Oracle NetSuite may already have a pre-defined suite for your industry. For example, if your company is a Retail company, then you should see if the Oracle NetSuite Retail Industry Suite is right for you. Because industry suites are specifically designed for companies in a given industry, there is a strong possibility that the industry suite will meet all of your business needs.

After you have reviewed the industry suites, you must determine if they will fully meet your requirements or if you will need additional modules. If you need additional modules, you Should Consider first the areas of your business you need help from Where to software. Then you have to look at all the add-on modules that are available to find the ones that meet the missing requirements. You can use the list above for reference.



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