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Take this time to diversify its business, companies must reinvent themselves because the world of business ALREADY CHANGED ... and your customers also.

We invite you to learn what Oracle NETSUITE, the #1 ERP cloud, you can do for your customers to take control of their business.

Oracle NESTUITE is a unified business management software including finance / ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and Business Intelligence. With more than 20 years in the market, NetSuite is a reliable, adaptable and fast-deployable solution that provides:

  • Visibility and Control because it allows to know at all times the priority indicators of each business area.
  • Availability because it is accessible anywhere, you only need a browser with internet access.
  • Adaptability because it is designed to automate all key business processes in companies of any size and industry.
  • TCO reduction because it does not require a physical infrastructure in the company's facilities to operate, it minimizes the investment in IT assets and turns it into an operational expense for the rental of a cloud software service.

We are inviting consulting services companies and independent consultants to diversify their portfolio of services with our business management solution through an alliance with Efficientix.


Finder Partner

It is the partner who, due to his business activity or knowledge of the market, can refer us to companies in which he exists, or is about to start a process of evaluation of business solutions, in which we can participate.


Commercial Partner

It is the Partner that advises the client so that they have the best business management software in the cloud; Oracle NETSUITE. It has a high level of relations to convey the value of our products and services. He accompanies us throughout the client evaluation process. He has access to decision makers and can participate favorably in the process.


Consulting Partner

He is a consultant or company for their expertise can conduct a sales process from beginning to end with minimal involvement of Efficientix. This type of partner is not required to have certified implementation resources, but if you get to have, we can consider include consultants in the project to share revenues from implementation services.


Join, Train yourself, generate ...!


1. Identify the program that best suits your needs and register online for an evaluation.

2. Receive the necessary training to expand your portfolio of products and services and achieve new sales.

3. Become the trusted advisor your customer needs and start generating revenue.

Benefits of our Program


  • Income from the sale of subscriptions and implementation services depending on the level of Business Partner selected.
  • Accompanying presale demonstrations with customer.


  • Oracle NetSuite Functional Training.
  • Training implementation methodology.
  • Knowledge of the best practices in the industry.
  • Certification of consultants through programs available from the manufacturer.


  • Demand generation campaigns with shared costs and resources (webinars, face-to-face events, emails, etc.)
  • Using digital marketing materials and logos of Efficientix, according to the Corporate Identity Manual that is provided to business partners.
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Offer more value and increase the profits of your company.

Contact us and let's talk about your business… we'll explain what Oracle NETSUITE can do for your business and for your customers.