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Tecnosinergia is a Mexican company dedicated to the import and wholesale distribution of security and information technology solutions, representing more than 50 brands and more than 3,000 products.

Dedicated to the technology sector, this company leads by example in form and substance, since it not only offers articles related to the field but also incorporates the best practices and technology platforms in its processes.

In this sense, for Tecnosinergia the name of the game is innovation at all levels. Faced with a commercial scenario that demands to maximize aspects such as coverage, digitization, and customer service, the distributor has focused on finding technological answers to manage its entire business, from the entry to the exit of its goods.

Thus, after a few years of struggling with rigid and isolated solutions, the company chose to contract the Oracle NetSuite cloud service, in order to establish a solid starting point that would allow them to continue growing without losing their spirit of innovation.

Oracle NETSUITE as the hub

Johnatan Idi, Director of Technology at Tecnosinergia, says that the company adopted Oracle NETSUITE as a core on which there are a number of systems that they have built, and are tailored to the challenges that they face as an organization.

Thus, this suite centralizes the information for the management and consultation of all business areas while seamlessly connecting with all the platforms developed by the company to address issues such as customer registration, payment processing, and inventory management.

"We are one of the companies with the most customizations of the tool";, says the Director of Technology, who adds that with the ERP they used previously, that would have been impossible to achieve, due to its lack of automation, flexibility, customization, connections for APIs and workflows.


Culture of measurement and improvement

With the arrival of Oracle NetSuite to the company, Tecnosinergia decided to migrate to an organizational culture based on key performance indicators (KPI).
Here, the cloud solution was also important because incorporating the most important metrics in the industry and the ability to generate reports in real-time, opened a different landscape for the distributor.

Thus, the management decided to define between 5 and 10 indicators per department, with which they measure the monthly performance of the different areas of the company.

“This gives us very important feedback because we see how the departments are doing. It allows us to correct things in a timely manner”, Idi said.


The results

Over time, incorporating Oracle NetSuite as the core of various business processes and tools have delivered many benefits, including:
  • By unifying functions in a single tool, a large number of errors and rework
    have been avoided, which means great savings in time and resources.
  • The company has regained control and certainty over the management of
    its goods, from the internal registration processes to the follow-up of NOM
    regulations and traceability with serial numbers for follow-ups and guarantees.
  • The company has automated key functions, which has resulted in increased productivity and redirection of employees'; efforts to more important tasks.


Service matters too

Although Oracle NetSuite has been a turning point in the history of Tecnosinergia, the company was not always able to use its full potential, since initially, it hired an implementer whose focus and attention did not end up responding to its needs.

Knowing that they had a superlative tool but were held back by circumstances, the company hired Tekiio (formerly Efficientix) with the expectation of correcting the course.

According to the Technology Director of Tecnosinergia, the new implementing company did seek to enhance the native characteristics of the software, so they were able to easily adapt the rest of their tools and processes to it.

This, together with good communication, service, and support from Tekiio, made it possible for the solution to finally become the core element that the distributor needed to continue innovating and positioning itself in the technological equipment distribution sector in Mexico.

Switching to Oracle NetSuite was one of the best decisions we made since it allowed us to grow and unify our processes under the same platform without having to limit ourselves to the scope that it may have; in addition, we can obtain reliable information from the entire business quickly and simply, which has allowed us to make better decisions.
Jonathan Idi
Director of Technology in Tecnosinergia