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Veritran is an organization whose objective is to implement new technologies in legacy systems with the aim of achieving digital transformation in traditional banking. Today they have 7 offices globally, more than 300 employees, 50 leading banks as clients, 25 billion annual transactions within their platform and 25 million users.
After 15 years of innovation and expansion, Veritrans processes became more complex and they began the search for an ERP that would allow them to consolidate the information in a single system and define a global model for all the company groups and with it and advance with processes of roll-out quickly. Moreover, they found that Oracle NetSuite was the cloud solution that would allow them to achieve the efficiency they wanted and envisioned.

“Oracle NetSuite is a true Cloud solution, with simple user training processes. Highly customizable and allows the management of accounting books at the same time, it also has an excellent reporting system, which has allowed us to generate information in a timely manner.” -says Hugo Belli, Veritrans CFO.

Oracle NetSuite: Seven countries, one system.


When evaluating if Oracle NetSuite One World would allow them to manage multiple business units or legal entities in the same system, they knew it would be the solution to consolidate the processes and the generation of information and reports in a timely manner from its subsidiaries in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, the United States and Guatemala. Thus providing a global vision of the business in real time with access from anywhere in the world and specifically developed to support tax regulations with global standards and the requirements of each country.
In addition, thanks to the automation and optimization of the processes, the management can manage the finances and projects of all the subsidiaries, and from anywhere in the world they have real-time visibility of the status and profitability of the projects, allowing them to make faster decisions.
For Hugo Belli, Veritrans CFO, 3KSYS (Tekiio group) is his business partner that helped empower Oracle NetSuite, he highlights that they had the support of our team of professionals in the implementation and improvement processes.

“The experience with 3KSYS (Tekiio group) has been very positive, without a doubt they have been and continue to be our business partners. The team has been there throughout the process of implementation and improvements of the product”,- concluded Belli.

Currently, Veritran continues to expand, after consolidating operations in 7 countries under the OneWorld license. They plan to expand to new regions within the continent and they continue to count on the support of the Tekiio group in its sustained growth.
Oracle NetSuite helped us define a global model for all group companies. It is a cloud solution that allows you to consolidate the information in a single system that offers the possibility of generating reports in a timely manner.
Hugo Belli
Gerente de Finanzas - Veritran