Logistics management software for the delivery of goods with significant benefits for customers.

LINKX is a logistics platform developed 100% in the cloud that helps you scan the logistics processes of your company, reporting in real time the status of deliveries.

LINKX integrates 100% with NetSuite ERP functionality through a connector developed by Tekiio.

Our app serves as an assistant to the driver throughout the process. Being a cloud platform, sender, carrier, and receiver users can access from any device. You can find it available in Play Store and IOS.



  • Greater satisfaction of your customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Reduced workload, saving time and money.
  • Management of unlimited users and drivers.
  • Subscription adapted to the volume of deliveries and functionality.


To learn and get to know more details about the functional scope of LINKX. Please take a look at this booklet describing the basic and the advanced features, including many benefits! Read More


Supply Chain Visibility

Monitors the delivery status in real time. Geolocation of the vehicle, accessible information for desired users, carriers, and customers, which include email notifications, push, and sms.

Communication with carriers and Receivers

Carriers are notified of delivery assignments by email. Delivery recipients are notified via SMS.

Confirmation of Delivery

Remission personalized digital; Allows historical status changes and comments, including photographs taken by drivers and receivers. Additionally, reviews and comments can be made by the receiver.


LINKX solves the needs of different industries such as Food, Construction, Retail, as well as the needs of Transport companies.

To learn how LINKX meets the specific needs of your company, ask for a demonstration free of charge.