Suite Localization for Mexico provides everything your business needs to meet the requirements of electronic invoicing and validation of the SAT.


The Location Suite for Mexico is a native NetSuite module for Electronic Billing, developed by Efficientix, which allows you to meet the requirements of annex 20 of the SAT.

Through this Suite you will be able to issue, stamp and manage digital tax receipts in an easy way, in real time and fully integrated into the electronic accounting of your company.


  • Reduces administrative burden by electronic invoicing activities.
  • Provide your customers a portal for self-billing (kiosk).
  • Automates the process of electronic invoicing through automatic stamping and overall bill.
  • Provides an accounting record approved with the SAT.
  • Allows the integration of all operations with tax requirements.
  • Available in 2 versions through an annual subscription.


Comply with regulations and laws of Mexico with simple processes and integrated to NetSuite and solve the challenges of electronic billing and accounting.